Display EthicalAds and get Simple Analytics for free

Do you own a developer-focused site? And would you like to add an ethical revenue stream? Then you can get Simple Analytics free. Join us to create a privacy-friendly web together and earn roughly $20 per 10,000 impressions.

You qualify if you:

EthicalAds and Simple Analytics are joining forces to offer a fantastic deal for both userbases. They need more websites that display their ethical ads. Do you want to help? Get Simple Analytics for free when you become a publisher for EthicalAds. Jump to deal.

EthicalAds loves EthicalAds

What is EthicalAds?

EthicalAds is the privacy-friendly alternative to Google Ads. Their ethical ad network shows relevant content on developer-focused sites without being creepy. They have served over 1 billion ads since 2016.

In their Advertising Vision they define their core beliefs of ethical advertising:

What brought us together?

Eric, the cofounder of EthicalAds, contacted Simple Analytics about working together. We share the same values. We believe a business should only act ethically, we don’t share user data with a third-parties, we don’t place any cookies, we are developer-friendly, and we believe in a sustainable business (without unhealthy hypergrowth).

The promise of Simple Analytics is listed on our promise-page:

EthicalAds has two groups of customers: advertisers and publishers. Their advertising side goes very well (see the September blog post). That’s why they need more publishers to add to their network.

We support our common goals and want to help each other to grow our businesses in a sustainable way. We are both serving an overlapping target market: developers.

We care about developers

We both target developers for our products, EthicalAds more than Simple Analytics, but there is a significant overlap. Running Simple Analytics usually starts with valuable input from the developer who cares about privacy. Developers are not just the people that implement the service but know perfectly well what you can do with tracking and collecting vast amounts of data.

EthicalAds and Simple Analytics both have their roots in web development. EthicalAds started as an extra revenue stream for Read the Docs. As a developer, it’s unlikely not to have encountered their platform. They serve more than 55 million pages (and 40 TB) of documentation a month.

As the founder of Simple Analytics, I worked for years in web development. Front end, back end, mobile apps, etc. That’s why we created many features developers love: an aggregated data API, export APIs (so developers can use their raw data), simple authentication methods, and integrations with many programming languages and frameworks. Via the GitHub Student Pack, we offer Simple Analytics for free for the first year.

What we offer together

A Simple Analytics account normally costs $19 a month for 100k page views and $59 for 1 million page views. In this joined offer, we would like to give away a free Simple Analytics account for everybody that starts publishing on EthicalAds. You can also apply if you already have a Simple Analytics subscription.

Generally, publishers see around $2.00 per 1,000 page views (CPM), assuming a majority of US and European traffic. These numbers will vary based on your audience and the topics that you write about. If you earned more than $50, EthicalAds pays out monthly via bank transfer, PayPal, or OpenCollective.

You qualify if you:

Apply and start publishing

This deal is valid until December 31st, 2021 (but will continue for those who did sign up).

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